Do You Want Your Tax Dollars Paying for Sex Change Operations?

It’s bad enough that our tax dollars are being used to pay for abortions and birth control, but how would you feel if you found out that your tax dollars were used to pay for sex change operations? The citizens of Massachusetts have already had to shell out thousands of tax payer dollars to pay for hormone treat of a convicted murderer who wanted to change sex.  A couple years ago, a liberal court ordered that the state pay the $20,000 for his sex change operation. Now, there are liberal Read more […]

As Obama Cuts Back Military, Service Personnel Turning to Australia

One of President Obama’s goals is to reduce and weaken America’s military, leaving us weaker and more vulnerable than we’ve ever been since the Revolutionary War.  Obama has been reducing the number of troops, weapons, tanks, planes and ships.  Those that are left are being infiltrated by homosexuals, and leadership that hates Christians and have agreed to shoot American citizens if so ordered. The results of Obama’s paring of the military are leaving more American servicemen and women Read more […]

First the Gay Military, Now Gates to Head Gay Boy Scouts

Former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been getting a lot of new coverage lately over his book that criticizes the leadership of his former boss, President Barack Obama.  The Obama administration has been trying to downplay the accusations made by Gates in his book, but that’s typical for the White House. Gates was first appointed as Secretary of Defense by former President George W. Bush in December 2006.  When Barack Obama won the 2008 election and was sworn into office in January Read more […]

Defense Secretary Hagel More Concerned About Gay Rights Than National Security

If you really want to know what a person’s priorities are, just look at what they are spending most of their time doing.  For instance, Barack Obama has been telling Americans that he is all for the middle and lower class people, but all of his efforts have shown the opposite.  He has systematically made life more and more difficult for middle and lower class Americans.  Obama claims to be a Christian, but all of his actions say that he is against anything Christian and for anything Muslim. The Read more […]

Why Is US Military So Interested In Identifying American Conservative & Christian Groups?

Over the past five years, Barack Obama (I really hate calling him President and find it even more difficult to show respect for the office with him holding it) has completely changed the face of America’s military.  First he repealed ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and opened the doors to homosexuals for active military duty. Then Obama started a war on Christians in the military by restricting military items in combat zones because he didn’t want to offend Muslims in the area.  He didn’t Read more […]

US Military Censors Government Misbehavior

Every day thousands of our servicemen and women put their lives on the line attempting to ensure the safety and freedom of over three hundred million Americans. Apparently the US Military thinks they can’t also be trusted with the truth of our government’s misbehavior. The US Air Force has ordered any airmen who seek to use the Air Force Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET) that they are not to search and/or read any articles relating to the data mining scandal involving Read more […]

Suicide Kills More Active Military Personnel Than Combat

With all of the news about Afghanistan and Iraq, you would expect the number one cause of deaths of American soldiers would be from combat, but that is not the case.  In fact, the number one cause of military deaths is worse than combat, it’s from suicide. According to a recent release, there were 313 Army personnel killed in combat (Operation Enduring Freedom) for the year of 2012.  During that same timeframe, the Army reported 325 suicides.  That’s up from the previous year which reported Read more […]

Background Checks for Guns and Apartments, Why Not for Presidency!

One of the key features in all of the gun control talks is the requirement for everyone purchasing a gun to have a full background check done of them.  California wants to go a step further and require a background check to purchase ammunition. If you have ever tried to rent an apartment these days, you will find that most apartment managers run a background and credit check on you before they will agree to rent to you.  I’ve known people who had difficulty finding a decent apartment because Read more […]