What to do About Ferguson

The shooting death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has set off a firestorm of riots and protests. And the situation in Ferguson has only escalated since. Police have responded with draconian militarized force, and protestors have responded with increasing violence and disruption—for example, looting and burning down a local Quik Trip. And what are we to do about this situation? I have problems with every actor in this tragedy. I can’t root for the police. I know exactly how most police Read more […]

Utah Police Get Grenade Launchers and MRAP…Just in Case

Their excuse is that they want to be prepared. It’s “just in case.” It’s funny how only certain people are allowed to use that reasoning. If you’re a civilian, then you don’t really need anything beyond a shotgun, and even that is borderline. How many discussions have we seen involving Piers Morgan where he asks his interviewee why anyone would truly need a gun like an AR-15 or an AK-47 except to kill a massive amount of people in a short amount of time? And it was New York’s Governor Read more […]