The Subtle Micro-Aggression and the Ubiquitous Taking of Offense

Being offended is our generation’s version of being right. Because, obviously, if someone is offending you, he is wrong. In that cultural milieu, the subtle merchants of insult detection have created ever finer instruments to amplify even the smallest traces of political incorrectness. Take the micro-aggression, for instance. Apparently ceding the point that outright and authentic aggressions are harder and harder to come by in our neutered society, some people have started trying to expunge Read more […]

Another Student Converts To The Cult Of Political Correctness

When you hear the word “cult,” you probably think of Scientology, the People’s Temple led by the homosexual Jim Jones, Obamaism, and perhaps even Utah. Cults take a long time to acquire adherents. The leaders of them must first gain your trust, usually by pretending to be harmless, normal people with beliefs that really are not all that bizarre. While you are getting to know them, they are getting to know you as well. They discover your weaknesses and they exploit them until you feel that they Read more […]