Concealed Carry Owner Confronted by Two Armed Robbers; Who do You Think Won?

There were actually three teenagers who confronted a Detroit man at a bus stop, telling him not to move or else they’d shoot him. Two of the teens were armed. One of them grabbed over $200 in cash from the man’s pocket during the stickup. What they didn’t count on was their victim being armed. He had apparently obtained his concealed carry permit just two weeks prior to this event. He pulled out his gun and shot both of the armed teens, one in the chest and the other in the legs. The two Read more […]

Michigan Public School Board Allows Muslims to Pray

The Michigan Public School Board gives Muslim students special privileges not allowed to Christians. “Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.” – Marilyn Ferguson We—as a society—hate being negatively labeled. We hate it because we’ve learned that once a label is uttered, it usually sticks. Think of any high-profile political personality and certain words will immediately come to mind. Mitt Romney: rich, robotic, flip-flopper. Sarah Palin: dumb, crazy, hick. Ann Read more […]

Sabotaging the Left

Subversive political activism is the best kind. Standing around with signs doesn’t do a whole lot, which is why I don’t do it. But planting ideas into the opposition’s heads without them even knowing it? That’s how it has to be done. One thing I’d like to see in America, for example, is the annihilation of the notion that “racism” is The Worst Evil, and that it’s even an effective insult. So sometimes I pretend to be a liberal and I come up with reasons why certain things are racist, and I Read more […]

Man Spent Christmas Day in Jail for Carrying a Handgun on His Hip

A person can legally open carry without any kind of permit in the state of Michigan. But if someone wants to carry concealed, he needs a permit. I frankly don’t understand these laws or why any kind of government permit needs to be issued in the first place whether you want to wear a handgun hidden inside your pants or carry it out in the open on your hip. This particular case highlights how stupid these laws are. There was a guy in Michigan who was walking around at night, and he was open-carrying Read more […]

Unions Bullying Teachers Who Opt Out

I guess that all of the anti-bullying laws, rules and ordinances don’t apply to the liberal left-wing unions that conscript educators into slavery.  At least that’s the way it appears. After the 2012 election, Michigan joined the ranks of states known as ‘right to work’ states.  That means that a person is not forced to join a union in order to get a job in any certain field.  Unfortunately, the right to work was delayed just long enough to allow teachers’ unions in the state to lock Read more […]

Missouri Democrats Plan Gun Ban; Minnesota Follows Suit

Luke Scott said: “Gun control means control. It means control for the government and the government starts controlling the people.” When I read that, I cannot help but think of the domino effect; one piece falls, and the others have no choice but to fall in sequence. Of course, this theory isn’t accurate 100% of the time, but in the world of gun control, it could not be more applicable. There is solid evidence showing that strict gun control fails miserably. This week, an anti-gun bill was introduced Read more […]

Don’t Expect Unions To Turn the Other Cheek

Before we begin to celebrate the States rights victory signed into law in Michigan two days ago, let us all take note that laws are always open to legal challenge and money buys both politicians and verdicts in America. To Democrats and their union benefactors “right to work” laws threaten organized labor’s patronage cartel, and as sure as the day you were born Obama’s Justice Department is going to cram a federal fist down Lansing’s throat and send a painful message to big labors opponents. It Read more […]

Union Thugs Incite Violence In Michigan

Over the years, as a Conservative, I have witnessed many contradictions from the Left. The Left has created a bubble in which they can believe certain things that outside the bubble, would be considered ludicrous. Things like spending more money to get out of debt, pouring cash into failing companies, giving loans to those who cannot make payment, providing “free” healthcare, raising taxes on the wealthy to pay down the debt, etc. Liberals live in this insulated world, occupied by the short-term. Read more […]

Pennsylvania and Michigan Polls Suggest Romney Landslide

Pennsylvania: a state that has historically been solidly blue. Well, that might change for the first time in 24 years, as the polls show the race between Romney and Obama tightening in the keystone state. A Tribune Review poll, surveying 800 likely voters, has the race for Pennsylvania’s twenty electoral votes in a dead heat, with each candidate nabbing 47% of the vote. The common wisdom is that Pennsylvania will end up swinging toward Obama on Tuesday, but if you remember that back in 2008, Obama Read more […]