President Obama with Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns

“What is it like to be the last black president?” That was probably the best line in a moderately funny faux interview between Zach Galifianakis and President Obama that was featured on Funny or Die’s Between Two Ferns. Between Two Ferns, the mock interview web show created and hosted by Galifianakis, is an awkward, sometimes hilariously brutal jab at the mealy, self-congratulating interviews most everyone else in the world does for cable television. But this episode was whatever. The Read more […]

Democrat Senator Cory Booker Drove to Hawaii?

The guy that many people believe will be Barack Obama’s successor, Senator Cory Booker (D–New Jersey), said from the Congressional floor (during a Congressional hearing about climate change, of course) that his first and only driving trip was from New Jersey … to Hawaii. His first vehicle was apparently the Magic School Bus, or perhaps he can actually drive on water. Or maybe Cory Booker is actually James Bond, and he had just gotten a prototype of an amphibious car from Q. I don’t know. Read more […]

States with Highest Income Inequality Voted for Obama

Curious fact: in 2012, four years after Obama took office the first time, the states that had the absolute highest rates of income inequality voted for Obama (again). Now, before you commit a fallacy of causation, let me remind you that correlation and causation are two different things. So, the fact that states with high income inequality voted for Obama does not necessarily mean that Obama’s policies (or policies like his) made their situation the way it is. For instance, you could say that Read more […]

How the EPA and ESA Control Your Land

An interesting article in the Washington Examiner pointed out that more than 700 new species are likely to be added to the ESA (Ecological Society of America) Endangered Species List. According to the article, the data upon which these decisions is made is often not disclosed to the public (for reasons I can’t understand). Nonetheless, this often shady data is then used by the ESA to determine new species in need of our immediate common protection. And as soon as an animal goes on the endangered Read more […]

Anonymous and Angry: Why Internet Rage is Bad for Everyone

If you ever doubt the empirical fact of total depravity, please, spend a few hours scouring our comment section—or any comment section. Your belief in humanity will faulter. Your belief in total depravity will be reconfirmed. It turns out internet rage is actually bad for everyone, though, both for the commenter and the one reading and receiving the comment. For a long time, the worst thing you could be from a psychological standpoint was “repressed.” Freud, picking up from Aristotle and Read more […]

Chipotle Will Still Serve Guacamole … in Spite of Climate Change

Talk about a tempest in a tea cup. Chipotle, the hip “fast food” joint that caters to the skinny jeans and tasteful nose ring crowd, put out a guacamole crisis warning a little while ago. Apparently, Chipotle thought everyone needed to know that guacamole might be dropped from their restaurants because of … climate change. Avocados are smaller than average apparently, and becoming more rare—which makes them more expensive. Or some similar garbage. I guess global warming cooling climate Read more […]

Study Says Verbal Abuse as Bad as Physical Abuse

A new study out of the University of Pittsburgh claims that verbal abuse is just as emotionally harmful to children as physical abuse. Apparently yelling, shouting, and insults do as much long-term damage to children as beating them does. Well, this is no surprise. What no one seems to understand is that the physical portion of physical abuse is not the hardest part of it for children to overcome. Physical abuse is so damaging emotionally because of the fact that it is almost always accompanied Read more […]

Google “Partnering” with Corrupt FDA to Regulate Online Pharmacies

An article in the National Journal has the headline “How Google is Trying to Protect Your Drug Supply.” That sounds nice doesn’t it? Your drug supply. The article outlines how Google is now partnering with federal agencies (mostly the FDA) to make sure that dangerous drugs don’t get into the hands of poor, unsuspecting citizens like you. Thanks, Big Brother! I don’t know what we would do without you! Perhaps my sarcasm puzzles you. Let me explain. The FDA, as an organization designed Read more […]

Black Genocide in Former Slave State

More than half of the abortions done in Georgia are of black babies. Not only that, there were 501 abortions nationally for every 1,000 births in the black community. If that is not black genocide, I don’t know what would qualify. If you think things were worse for black people when Georgia was a slave state, you aren’t paying attention. These statistics are just disturbing. Most of you are probably aware that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a confirmed eugenicist and Read more […]

Spike Lee Rails on Gentrification … For No Apparent Reason

There are apparently not enough bad things in the world to be upset about. Spike Lee, the controversial black director, thinks it’s terrible how white people are moving into black neighborhoods. Just why he thinks it’s a bad thing, no one knows. Spike Lee recently came under fire for an expletive-riddled tirade against “gentrification”—the process of wealthy people moving into and improving what are now poor and run down urban communities. Listen to some of his comments. They are puzzling, Read more […]

Why Aren’t Democrats Ever Accused of Political Hypocrisy?

If you’ve been looking into politics for any length of time, you’ll notice that the most ideologically idealistic politicians are always the most susceptible to accusations of political hypocrisy. There are few political things more tenuous than the reputation of a Tea Party Republican. If you preach low taxes, small government, individual liberty, family values, and free market capitalism—and you are running against a mainstream incumbent in bed with a corrupt system—you better make sure Read more […]

Why Leftists Hate Human Nature

There are two prevailing views of human nature. In one view, humans are naturally bad. In the other, humans are naturally good. This may be a simplification, but it is accurate in the aggregate. In broad terms, leftists tend to believe that humans are naturally good—or at least naturally perfectible. And that is why they emphasize things like the war on poverty, socialized education, and socialized medicine. They believe that the old Platonic lie is actually true—vice is a consequence of poverty Read more […]