Republican Congressman Resigns after Pleading Guilty to Felony Tax Evasion

Republican Rep. Michael Grimm announced his resignation late Monday, after he pleaded guilty to a felony tax evasion charge last week. Grimm was just re-elected to a third term while facing the 20-count indictment, and said last week he would “absolutely not” resign, reports The New York Times. But after a meeting with Speaker of House John Boehner Monday, he announced a change of heart. House ethics rules could have rendered him essentially useless to his New York district of Staten Read more […]

Pelosi: Tax-Evading Republican Must Resign, not Tax-Evading Democrats

Nancy Pelosi calls for resignation of tax-evading Republican politician over tax evasion conviction, but remains silent on tax-evading Democrats. They don’t call politicians crooks for nothing. If you’re just a regular civilian, and you try keeping all your money and not paying your “fair share” to the feds, you’ll go to jail for “stealing” from the government. Even if it’s a little bit of money. But if you’re a politician, even if you owe tons of money, it’s no big deal. Read more […]