Why Democrats Can’t Seem to Shake Crony Corruption

The Daily Caller’s Michael Bastasch has more on how corruption and cronyism brought down Oregon’s Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber.   Just one month after beginning his fourth term, Oregon Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber announced he will be resigning from office. The final moments of Kitzhaber’s tenure have been marred by scandals involving his fiancee and environmental interests vying to push green energy policies on Oregonians. “I am announcing today that I will resign as Read more […]

The Ultimate List of Things Liberals Blame on Global Warming

The good folks at the Daily Caller News Foundation have put together the ultimate list of things that liberals blame on Global Warming…  You’ve heard it from scientists, environmentalists and even Secretary of State John Kerry: global warming is the greatest existential threat faced by humanity. It’s no wonder that all bad weather, every conflict, disease outbreaks, you-name-it is blamed on increasing levels of carbon dioxide and temperatures. But wait! There’s been a nearly 18-year pause Read more […]

Obama Promises Billions to African Energy Companies

The United States recently announced it was spending nearly $500 million to modernize Ghana’s electrical grid and reform the country’s struggling energy sector, adding to the billions already pledged by President Obama to increase electricity access in sub-Saharan Africa. Obama’s Power Africa program has already pledged $7 billion in government funds and leveraged loans to electrify the continent through 2018. During the White House’s Africa Summit, which drew delegates from more than Read more […]

The Majority of Americans Don’t Believe in Global Warming

No matter how hard the liberals and their allies in the media try, they are just not finding a gullible audience in the American people. For the last 20 years they’ve been trying to convince us that we should be terrified of the incoming Global Warming Disaster… and yet a new poll finds that more than half of Americans dispute the idea of a Global Warming crisis. Never the folks who let facts get in their way, the Democrats still continue to peddle the idea that we must spend billions to fight Read more […]

Obama Administration to Cause Power Bills to Rise by 40%

The policies of the Obama administration continue to wreak havoc on the average American’s life. Whether it’s the administration’s unruly and destructive healthcare policies under Obamacare, or the NSA’s attempts to watch every one of us at all times, or Michelle Obama’s push to make every high school lunch taste like cardboard. It sometimes seems that the Obama administration is out to get us. After this latest news about the EPA’s draconian new regulations… maybe it’s time everyone realize Read more […]

Can Republican Senators Repeal Obama’s Cap and Trade Rules?

By Michael Bastasch  Senate Republicans have writtenthe White House, urging President Obama to repeal his recently announced power plant rule that cajoles states into imposing cap-and-trade schemes on carbon dioxide emissions. Republicans say that Obama’s rule is “all pain, no gain” and would result in higher energy prices and huge job losses as coal-fired power plants and coal mines are shut down to comply with federal emissions reduction mandates. “Mostly, I’m concerned about the Read more […]