Woman Jailed for Buying 2 Boxes of Sudafed at the Grocery Store

It was July of 2010, and Florida resident Mickey Lynn Goodson’s allergies were flaring up again. The pharmacist at her local Winn-Dixie suggested that she buy a couple boxes of Sudafed. Little did she know, however, that while Sudafed is perfectly legal and is widely available over the counter in any grocery store, if you dare buy more than one box, even if that was what was recommended by the pharmacist, that means you’re obviously trying to manufacture meth at home, which is illegal. She Read more […]

Google “Partnering” with Corrupt FDA to Regulate Online Pharmacies

An article in the National Journal has the headline “How Google is Trying to Protect Your Drug Supply.” That sounds nice doesn’t it? Your drug supply. The article outlines how Google is now partnering with federal agencies (mostly the FDA) to make sure that dangerous drugs don’t get into the hands of poor, unsuspecting citizens like you. Thanks, Big Brother! I don’t know what we would do without you! Perhaps my sarcasm puzzles you. Let me explain. The FDA, as an organization designed Read more […]

Police Murder 80-Year-Old Over Meth Suspicions; No Meth Found

Police have a penchant for smelling things that aren’t there. This is why we’re often advised not to roll our car window down all the way at a traffic stop. Leave it cracked just enough so that you can hear the officer, he can hear you, and documentation can be passed back and forth. When it’s rolled all the way down, that gives the officer room to smell inside your car and claim that he “smells marijuana,” in which case he has to search your car for other drugs and weapons. So, you sit Read more […]