Why Isn’t Anyone Angry Over Failing Vaccines from Merck?

In the wake of the recent measles “outbreak” that affected a few dozen people, pro-vaxxers got the anger machine churning over all the anti-vaxxers who have threatened the safety, health, and herd immunity of the whole population by their close-minded, superstitious, anti-science selfishness. But one of the real devils contributing to the declining efficacy of vaccines is not being decried at all: Merck, the multi-national corporation with sole licensing rights to the MMR vaccine. Merck is Read more […]

Test Results for Vaccines Falsified by Big Pharmacy Company?

I never know what to think about news stories on big pharmacy and big medicine. On the one hand, I’m open to believing that there is a global Malthusian conspiracy aimed at destroying our health, or that, at least, corporations in our day generally care more about money than they do about ethical uprightness. But on the other hand, I hear stories about big pharmacy and big agriculture all the time, and it is impossible to determine how many of them are actually true. Obviously, the mainstream Read more […]