Melissa Harris-Perry Offended by “Totally Black” Darth Vader who Becomes White When he Leaves the Dark Side

I have to say, I’ve never thought about Star Wars this way before. I always enjoyed the original three as a kid. They were such great films and still are. Where would we be today without people like Melissa Harris-Perry there to dissect all aspects of society, decode every narrative, revealing the true racist and sexist intent behind every piece of communication? I never knew the Star Wars narrative was inherently racist. What makes it racist? Well, according to racism scout Melissa Harris-Perry, Read more […]

A Letter to Melissa Harris-Perry Regarding ‘Hard Workers’

Dear Melissa Harris-Perry, I was watching your show on MSNBC when you rebuked Alfonso Aguilar for using the term “hard worker” to describe Representative Paul Ryan. You told him: “I just want to pause on one thing, because I don’t disagree with you that I actually think Mr Ryan is a great choice for this role. But I want us to be super careful when we use the language ‘hard worker.’ Because I actually keep an image of folks working in cotton fields on my office wall, because it is a Read more […]

Liberal says Calling someone a “Hard Worker” is Racist!

Over on MSNBC we learned something interesting from liberal activist and host Melissa Harris-Perry during a discussion about the idea of Paul Ryan becoming the next Speaker of the House. When her guest Alfonso Aguilar mentioned that Paul Ryan was a “hard worker,” Harris-Perry told him top be careful because calling someone a hard worker is totes racist! “I just want to pause on one thing because I don’t disagree with you that I actually think Mr. Ryan is a great choice for this role, but I Read more […]

Melissa Harris-Perry Ponders About Dolezal: “Is it Possible She Might Actually be Black?”

Shouldn’t this be considered a “trans-racist” question? Since liberals believe that race and gender are exactly the same in the sense that one is allegedly born with “gender identity” in the same way that someone is born black or white. In other words, a person might be born a biological male but “identify” as a woman. So, if someone is born white, he or she should just as easily be able to “identify” as black if that’s his or her true “identity.” Asking if Rachel Dolezal Read more […]

Melissa Harris-Perry: Oklahoma Beheading Mere “Workplace Violence”

It didn’t take very much time at all for the liberals to come out in defense of the Muslim man who would have gone on a beheading spree except for the pistol-packing boss who put an end to it. Melissa Harris-Perry wants to make sure we don’t attach any reference to this man’s peaceful religion to his murderous and gruesome acts. It was just a case of workplace violence. Some co-workers might get into a heated argument and maybe even slap each other around; others, like Alton Nolen, like Read more […]

Liberals Mock Romney With Black Grandchild

“Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture, that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person.” – Marc Lamont Hill Take a moment to imagine a scenario in which a Liberal was mocked for having a black grandchild. Imagine that a picture surfaced in which Al Gore was holding a black kid on his knee. This kid, as it turns out, is his adopted grandson. Then imagine commentators on Fox News laughing about it, and making the above comment. It would never happen. And if Read more […]

Why Are We Outraged At Melissa Harris-Perry?

I don’t exactly want to defend who I’m about to defend—it may even cause me indigestion later on—but people are being ridiculous in attacking her and I want to call out ridiculousness whether its from the left or the right. I dislike MSNBC’s Melissa “All Your Children Belong to Me” Harris-Perry just as much as the next rightist, but my fellow travelers are getting their phony-outrage panties in a bunch again over something Harris-Perry said. Or rather, over something Harris-Perry didn’t Read more […]

Melissa Harris-Perry: “Obamacare” is Racist

Not the act itself, of course. I’m sure Harris-Perry would agree with Pelosi that Obamacare’s been a “liberation” and a “freedom.” It was so good that they didn’t even need to read the bill before they passed it. Harris-Perry was objecting to the term itself. But, see, if Obamacare had hypothetically been even a marginal success, we wouldn’t be hearing about how “wealthy white men” came up with the term “Obamacare” as a way to disparage the half-white President. If it had Read more […]

Melissa Harris-Perry: Obama Didn’t Think People Would Like Their Current Plan

The media are still in damage control mode, trying to patch up a system that was dead on arrival. Sebelius was probably right about the website not crashing, because in order for it to crash, it had to be up and running in the first place. So, they had no choice but to concede that the website itself is an abysmal failure. And not long after, they decided that Obamacare was actually the Republicans’ idea. They must have been getting desperate. They’ve had to come up with excuses about the Read more […]

Don’t Want Kids? Don’t Parent Mine! The Childfree Need To Enjoy Life Without Claiming Children Need Them

Meghan Daum doesn’t want to have children. She writes in the Los Angeles Times to tell us so and explain her reasons. The only thing that made me wince was her mentioning her husband’s “heartbreak,” but I’ll agree politically that it’s her choice. And Daum gets points with me for refusing to use “overpopulation” as a rationale. But Daum’s suggestion for “re-framing” the question should make alarm sirens scream: “But just as my childhood was made better by teachers and Read more […]