Shock Report! Government Wastes Huge Amount of Taxpayer Dollars

The federal government wastes most taxpayer dollars, not only by making poor or fradulent spending decisions, but also by funding inefficient entitlement programs and unnecessarily redistributing wealth, argues Heritage Foundation budget economist Romina Boccia. “Any Social Security check going to a millionaire, I call that government waste,” Boccia told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “If we decide that the government has a role to protect the elderly and disabled from destitution, if Read more […]

Medicare Costs Are Going Down: Thanks, Obamacare?

While national spending on health care is sky-rocketing, we can be thankful to Obamacare for one thing: the direct costs of Medicare are not projected to be quite as high as the Congressional Budget Office once thought. Why is that? And some [of the decrease in Medicare spending is] because of cuts in health care spending passed by Congress. The Affordable Care Act, in particular, made significant reductions to Medicare’s spending on hospitals and private Medicare plans, to help subsidize insurance Read more […]

Tax Dollars To Pay For Sex Change Surgery?

Since 1981, it has been illegal for anyone to have their sex change surgery covered through Medicaid or Medicare.  Under the liberal leadership of the White House, this may be about to change.  The Department of Health and Human Services has asked for this rule to be changed so that your tax dollars can start paying for sex change operations through Medicaid and Medicare. Matt Barber, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law and Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action tried to warn America back in Read more […]

One More Reason Halfway Socialized Healthcare is the Worst

A few years ago, a company called Genentech developed a cancer treatment it called Avastin. Avastin was a very expensive and dubiously effective cancer treatment, but it turned out to be great at treating Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration—an eye disease that causes blindness in older patients. Another plus—an extraordinarily small dose of Avastin was sufficient to treat AMD, so using it for this purpose was very inexpensive. But then some bad PR started circulating about Avastin’s side Read more […]

16 Million Private Insurance Plans to be Cancelled Due to Obamacare

Doing his best to brainwash Americans into accepting Obamacare, our honest president kept telling everyone that they would be able to keep their present health plans when Obamacare went into effect.  This promise will go down in the list of his many other broken promises and perhaps one of his biggest lies. According to a recent report, more than 1 million Americans have already been notified that their current private health insurance policies are being cancelled due to the implementation of Read more […]

Forced To Work For The Government 61 Days Without Pay!

Now that the uncertainty has abated that surrounded whether or not our taxes would be going up in 2013, I decided to do a little calculating to figure out how much of my money the government will involuntarily confiscate from me this year. Because I am part of the lower income level (I will not play into the liberals’ class warfare by using such Marxist language as to refer to it as the lower “class”), my taxes are, unfairly, not as high as those of a higher income level. No, let me rephrase: Read more […]