McDonald’s, the Grand Trump Denial, and Our Impending National Humiliation

McDonald’s is the butt of a lot of jokes. Especially ones that involve tacky, horrible, ugly things that people still buy anyway. Comedian Jim Gaffigan has a whole routine on his embarrassing love for McDonald’s: I reference McDonald’s a lot ’cause I go to McDonalds. I love the silence that follows that statement—like I just admitted to supporting dog fighting or something. “How could you? McDonald’s?” It’s fun telling people you go to McDonald’s. They always give you that Read more […]

Most Welfare Recipients Already Have Jobs?

In a recent report, it was found that most recipients of welfare have jobs. But those jobs just don’t pay enough for people to survive: The study found that 56% of federal and state dollars spent between 2009 and 2011 on welfare programs — including Medicaid, food stamps and the Earned Income Tax Credit — flowed to working families and individuals with jobs. In some industries, about half the workforce relies on welfare. “When companies pay too little for workers to provide for their Read more […]

Why McDonald’s Employees Deserve LESS than Minimum Wage

Here’s a story about McDonald’s employees and minimum wage that proves McDonald’s employees are too stupid for and do not deserve a wage hike. There was a protest held at McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, on Wednesday, and it went about as expected. From Bloomberg: About 2,000 protesters, including about 325 McDonald’s workers in restaurant uniforms, stormed though the company’s campus entrance at Jorie Boulevard and Kroc Drive in Oak Brook, according to the organizers, Read more […]

How Obamacare Will Inevitably Raise Food Prices

One of the reasons conservatives try to conserve the status quo is because they recognize that there may be unintended consequences to change. Conservative policy is based on the modest idea that, up to this point, we have been able to survive (if not thrive) with the systems and procedures we have been using heretofore, so we should preserve them since we can’t be sure something else will in fact be better. This restraint holds countries back from the chaos of a perpetual revolution. I’m not Read more […]

Faltering McDonald’s a Sign of Struggling Lower Classes

McDonald’s is struggling. According to CEO Don Thompson, they have “lost some of their customer relevance.” By the numbers, McDonald’s had a two percent global reduction in traffic for 2013, and, for a company that does the kind of business it does, that’s a huge amount. So what’s the problem? Thompson offered two main explanations: First, customers willing to spend a little extra are gravitating toward what they feel are healthier or fresher alternatives. McDonald’s has attempted Read more […]

Idiot Economics “Research” Claims McDonald’s Can Double Salaries If It Wants To

The latest brilliance claims that McDonald’s could double all wages if they only add about 17 cents to every dollar they charge in price. Thus, a Big Mac would only go up 68 cents. The report keeps it vague, but the blond girl on the Huffington Post video is helpfully clear. You can only double the wages if you raise the prices and keep everything else constant. It has already been tried. It doesn’t stay constant. To her credit she suggests the problem with the idea in response to the Read more […]

McDonald’s Financial Advice Mocked For Wrong Reasons

McDonald’s has a new website: “Practical Money Skills For Life.” The entire economically-illiterate, envy-driven legion is out with pitchforks attacking McDonald’s for this website because of how poor people have to live. But it is the fault of no one at McDonald’s that poverty stinks or that the chain can’t afford to pay workers more. McDonald’s is our slave—we the consumers. Until we say we are willing to pay about $15 for a Big Mac, workers aren’t going to get a higher wage. Read more […]

Blind Self-esteem and the American Heart to Succeed

Many, many, years ago after having to endure the self-righteous indignation of a recently fired employee, I went for a drive to clear my head and lower my blood pressure. It was on this drive that I met a man I will never forget. I man that inspired me and continues to inspire me when times are tough and insanely selfish people blame others for their failures. A time very much like the one we all live in today. Feeling slightly dejected from my morning butt chewing and a little chemically imbalanced, Read more […]