Obama Angers Black Pastors by Equating Gay and Civil Rights

In a very powerful, eloquent rhetorical piece marking the fiftieth anniversary of Bloody Sunday, President Obama opined about how far we’ve come in this country and how far we have yet to go. In one section of the speech, he attempted to bring all Americans into one unified character through a prolonged description of the diverse (almost schizophrenic) American experience. One part of it in particular has raised the rancor of many black pastors: We are the gay Americans whose blood ran on the Read more […]

How The Left Creates Heroes To Push Their Agenda

Joseph Campbell said: “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” We all want to be remembered. In all of us, there is a need to play a part in the larger scheme of life. Participating in something that is bigger than ourselves has a mythic quality, a feeling of heroism. Generally speaking, humans crave the extraordinary, to be set free from the mundane and ascend to greatness. That is why old Greek myths have lasted for thousands of years. That is why we Read more […]