Marco Rubio goes Toe-to-Toe with Matt Lauer

On Tuesday GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio appeared on NBC’s the Today Show to discuss his campaign run with host Matt Lauer and things quickly took a turn for the confrontational. Host Matt Lauer attempted to catch Rubio off guard by throwing a curve ball at him and pushing him to try and make him look bad on gun control. Sadly for Lauer, Rubio knows what he believes and why he believes it, and getting asked a few stupid questions from an arrogant talk show host is not going to throw Read more […]

A Victim of His Own PC: Matt Lauer Accused of Sexism

Matt Lauer asked Mary Barra, CEO of GM, how she is able to be both a good businesswoman and a good mother. So, apparently, he’s sexist. Here’s what one critic had to say: For the record: All previous GM CEOs that I’ve known had children. In my 15 years of covering the industry, I can recall only a couple of occasions where they were ever asked how they balanced the roles of father and executive; it was more often them who brought it up in small talk about what was going on in their lives outside Read more […]