House Dems Pushing Hard for Gun Control AGAIN

Do you remember watching the old western movies when the Indians attacked the wagon trains that had formed a circle? The Indians would attack in waves, retreating from time to time only to regroup before attacking again. Well, the anti-gun Democrats pulled back a few months ago and are again on the verge of mounting another attack against our Second Amendment rights to own and bear arms. Last week, 163 House Democrats sent a letter to Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, demanding: “A Read more […]

Some Gun-Control Ruminations for Liberals in Light of Friday’s Massacre

It has become standard when in the fresh aftermath of gun-related massacres for liberals to immediately call for the outlawing of guns. Conservatives will then tell the liberals that they are being disrespectful to the victims by politicizing the incident. In defense of liberals, if they believe guns really are evil, then it makes sense that they would talk about gun control in the immediate wake of a shooting such as we saw Friday. If you believe our current gun laws are to blame for mass killings, Read more […]