Massachusetts House Passes Abortion Buffer Zone Bill to Counter SCOTUS Ruling

Several weeks ago, many pro-lifers celebrated the Supreme Court decision that overturned Massachusetts’ abortion buffer zone laws. The state’s laws forbid pro-life protesters and counselors from talking to abortion patients on the sidewalks and parking lots outside the clinics. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the decision: “By its very terms, the Massachusetts Act regulates access to ‘public way[s]’ and ‘sidewalk[s].’ Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 266, §120E½(b) (Supp. 2007). Such Read more […]

$122 Million Payments To Contractor Being Withheld By States

CGI Group was hired by the federal government to construct the government’s website.  We’ve all heard about the dismal failure of their website.  It couldn’t handle the load of people trying to use.  When people did manage to log on, it often would crash during their enrollment application process.  For some of the few that managed to complete the process, the website deleted some or all of the person’s information or it failed to register their application and so on. I Read more […]

Massachusetts Official Proposes Mandatory Home Inspections of Gun-Owners To Make Sure Their Guns Are Safely Stored

Sometimes you hear pro-gun conservatives say that we don’t need gun control laws; we just need to enforce the laws that we have. You know, like if someone commits murder or rape and is convicted, don’t let him back on the streets. Ever. He should be put to death, but as long as we’re going to be too cowardly to allow our laws to have teeth, then he should spend the rest of his life in jail. But that’s not what we have. Prosecutors and judges have far too much compassion for violent criminals. Read more […]

Are Students Entitled to Free Lunches Just Because?

When I was in public school, you had three choices for lunch.  Pay for lunch at the school cafeteria, bring your lunch from home or go hungry.  The school was not responsible for feeding a student who forgets their lunch or didn’t have money to buy one. It was called ‘responsibility.’  Students and their parents were supposed to be responsible for providing for themselves.  For most of my public school days, I got up early enough to fix my own lunch.  The days I felt lazy and too tired Read more […]