Gun Control Group Admits: No Law Could Have Prevented Santa Barbara Shooting

That’s because laws don’t deter criminals. Laws should be punitive, not regulative. Politicians can try all they want to regulate people and their actions through legislation, and it won’t stop those for whom the laws are intended. Just look at the war on drugs. What an absolute failure. Or a success, depending on how you look at it. Or look at gun control laws. Those who don’t want any trouble abide by the laws, often at their own peril. Criminals, by default, don’t care about regulative Read more […]

Why Did Eric Holder Lie About Mass Shootings?

“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.” – Da Vinci I’ve often written about motivations. It’s an issue which, while difficult to pin down, is critically important in politics. To understand the moves made on the chess beard, one must first understand the man making them. Without analysis of motivation, we cannot ever truly hope to understand politics, nor can we look ahead to what’s happening next. Barack Obama has recently Read more […]

Shock: All But 2 Public Mass Shootings Since 1950 Have Occurred in “Gun-Free Zones”

So, it’s not exactly a shock to most of us. It’s just common sense. Put yourself in a criminal’s position. You feel like shooting and killing a bunch of people, and you want to be met with as little opposition as possible. If you go to a place that allows concealed carry, there’s a risk that someone could take you out before you start shooting, and that’s a risk you don’t want to take. Naturally, you’d go to a place that has heavy restrictions on gun-carriers. That’ll pretty much guarantee that Read more […]

Never Waste A Crisis: Dem Uses Mall Shooting To Renew Calls For Gun Control

Right on cue, the media, in conjunction with liberal politicians, are calling for more “common sense” gun control legislation in order to prevent shootings like the one over the weekend at a Maryland mall. Here’s an exchange between MSNBC’s Alex Witt and Democrat Representative Frank Pallone, from New Jersey. Alex Witt:  Look, let’s face it. This kind of thing is happening all over this country in soft targets, even in your own state, sir, before the holidays, the Paramus Mall shooting Read more […]

Three Shot And Killed In Maryland Gun-Free Zone

News reports are still coming in at the time of this writing, but as of now, we don’t know what kind of gun the shooter had. Apparently, by the time the police showed up on the scene, there were three people dead, one of whom was believed to be the shooter: Police in Maryland say three people died Saturday in a shooting at a mall in suburban Baltimore, including the presumed gunman. Howard County police said via Twitter that a shooting had taken place at the Mall in Columbia, a suburb of both Read more […]

Piers Morgan: “Angry, Belligerent, Threatening Gun Nuts” To Blame for School Shootings

I don’t get the idea of commemorating a day which saw the slaughtering of a bunch of kids and teachers. But, then again, we’re talking about liberals here. Gun-grabbers had been waiting for something like Sandy Hook for a long time. Aurora had happened the previous summer, but having a bunch of dead children was a much more effective emotional springboard for gutting the 2nd Amendment. Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro once accused Piers Morgan of standing on the graves of the Sandy Hook victims. Read more […]

Ed Schultz Says Civilians Have Never Stopped A Mass Shooting

The ability of Liberals to deny basic facts is often mind-boggling. It has gotten to the point that those who are employed by the likes of MSNBC and The New York Times are no longer remotely credible in anything they say. They could be reading the lunch menu, and I wouldn’t believe them. Once again, MSNBC is lying in pursuit of the “truth.” According to Ed Schultz, of MSNBC, never has a shooting been stopped by a civilian. According to Schultz: “Would it be a deterrent if, you know, say perpetrators Read more […]

American Women Murdered Over 330,000 Children Last Year

Outrage has grown into activism following the murder of 20 babies in the Connecticut school shootings last month. Liberal’s all over our nation are brandishing their moral superiority in the fight to keep our defenseless safe from gunfire. But what of the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives taken each year by mothers more concerned with convenience than a child’s life. “There’s just too many incidents that are happening that you think could be avoided if there were stronger regulations Read more […]