Planes, Guns, and Automobiles: Perceived Safety and Irrational Fears

My brother-in-law has never flown in an airplane. He’s terrified of the idea. But he’s a big fan of driving. It’s basically useless to tell him the statistical reality that flying is probably safer than driving: In absolute numbers, driving is more dangerous, with more than 5 million accidents compared to 20 accidents in flying. A more direct comparison per 100 million miles pits driving’s 1.27 fatalities and 80 injuries against flying’s lack of deaths and almost no injuries, which again shows Read more […]

Media Try to Link San Bernardino Shooting to Planned Parenthood

Before anyone knew anything about the shooting in San Bernardino, the media were quick to point out that it took place near a Planned Parenthood clinic. What in the world does Planned Parenthood have to do with this shooting? They may as well have said that it took place near First Presbyterian Church. They were trying to imply that this shooting was somehow connected to the one in Colorado, which happened to take place in a Planned Parenthood facility. This incident took place in relatively close Read more […]

Mark Kelly: Mass Shooting Shows we Need More “Common Sense” Gun Controls

By “common sense,” liberals like Mark Kelly mean more draconian gun laws that don’t actually do anything to prevent violence. Laws like instituting universal background checks and banning “assault” rifles can’t prevent criminals from doing what comes naturally to them. There aren’t any gun control laws that could have prevented what the mass murderer did in Oregon. But Mark Kelly insists that there are: When Tapper asked him what gun laws would have prevented the Oregon shooting or Read more […]

10 Dead in Another Gun-Free Zone Shooting

Contrary to what liberals are trying to convince people of, this Oregon community college was in fact a gun-free zone. Well, for most people. If you’re a criminal dead set on killing as many people as possible, carry as many guns as you want. Chris Harper-Mercer apparently had four guns on him, even though the campus prohibited firearms. Even the school’s lone security guard was unarmed. The murderer reportedly asked people if they were Christians. If they responded that they were, Read more […]

Another Gun Free School Targeted; MSNBC Calls for More Gun Control

Predictably, the liberal news media are calling for tighter gun control laws in the aftermath of another gun free school shooting that left two dead, including the murderer himself, and a half-dozen others injured. The shooting took place at Marysville Pilchuck High School in Washington state. Here’s MSNBC: Joy Reid said, “But we can’t have a conversation about school shootings without talking about the country’s gun laws.” In a sense, she’s right. You can’t address any kind Read more […]

Sandy Hook Commission: Homeschoolers to Blame for School Shooting

The Sandy Hook Commission (full name: Sandy Hook Advisory Commission) concluded that the real culprits in the Sandy Hook mass murder are homeschoolers. All because Adam Lanza was, for a very brief period, educated at home by his mother. For ten years he attended a government school, but at 16, his mother pulled him out allegedly over conflicts with the school district. Lanza apparently took the GED at 16 and then attended another public school, Western Connecticut State University. So, any amount Read more […]

Armed Doctor Prevents Mass Shooting at Hospital Psychiatric Unit

The Darby, Pennsylvania hospital apparently has a no-weapons policy, except for on-duty police. But thankfully, one psychiatric doctor decided to risk his job rather than risk his life. He still risked his life doing what he did, but at least he and others are still alive. If he hadn’t been armed, he and perhaps others would be dead. Unfortunately, however, the disgruntled psych patient was able to kill a caseworker before the armed doc shot and critically injured the killer. According to Read more […]