Gun Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting at Alabama Dollar General Store

Gun-grabbers love to point out how no gun carrier has ever prevented a mass shooting. It’s a trick statement. If James Holmes had walked into the Aurora, Colorado theater carrying his semi-automatic rifle, and some movie goer happened to be carrying a semi-automatic handgun and shot Holmes before he was able to shoot anyone else, we would have never heard anything about the incident. It would have remained strictly local. Piers Morgan would say something like, “There’s no way that you Read more […]

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: Pelosi Renews Push For Gun Control

The recent murder spree at the Navy Yard could have resulted in far fewer deaths had the SWAT team not been told to stand down. I don’t know who made the order or why, but there’s no doubt that if the SWAT team had been allowed to do as they were trained to do, that there wouldn’t have been enough deaths to classify the incident as a “mass shooting.” If it weren’t classified as a mass shooting, it wouldn’t be able to be used as political leverage to ban semi-automatic rifles. Even though Read more […]