Guess how many Criminals were Caught by Maryland’s $5 Million “Gun Fingerprint” Program

If you guessed anything above zero, you’d be wrong. It was a gun control law passed in the state of Maryland back in 2000 that was supposed to help law enforcement catch criminals. Gun manufacturers were required to fire every gun that was for sale and then send the bullet casing to state authorities for cataloguing and serializing purposes. After fifteen years, Maryland had accumulated more than 300,000 bullet casings from manufacturers. Each casing was photographed, placed in a small envelope Read more […]

Maryland Governor Wants Illegal Kids to Remain in US, but NOT in His State

Have you ever noticed how liberal Democrats often insist on certain demands but only at the cost and burden of others, not themselves? Such is the case with Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley who publicly criticized Obama’s plans to start deporting the illegal unaccompanied kids back to their home countries. He said that America should do the humanitarian thing and allow the kids to remain and integrate into the United States. Then off camera, O’Malley called and spoke to Cecilia Munoz, Read more […]

Beretta Leaves Gun Control Maryland for Pro-Gun Tennessee

Beretta is moving. Democrats in the state of Maryland actually think that their recent gun control bill that went into effect last fall is actually making people and schools safer. The law includes a ban on 45 different “assault” weapons, a 10-round limit on magazines, a requirement that gun buyers submit their fingerprints to the state police, and other provisions that will be ignored by criminals. In the aftermath of the bill’s passage, InfoWars wrote that it would likely drive businesses Read more […]

44,000 Voters Registered in Both Virginia and Maryland

Every time I write about cases of voter fraud, at least one liberal challenges me saying the instances are so few that they are insignificant and have no bearing on the elections.   But it seems that every month I read about new findings that just keep adding more and more evidence that voter fraud if far more widespread than liberals want to admit. Nearly three weeks ago I wrote about thousands of cases of voter fraud that took place in North Carolina.  I reported that an audit revealed that Read more […]

Proposed Maryland Law Could Mean 110,000 Residents Lose Their Firearms

For most of us, this comes as no surprise. This is how they’re going to confiscate guns from people. Through linking the gun registry to their criminal database. California’s been doing this already by linking their gun registry database to their criminal and mental illness database, and now Maryland is following through. If Maryland’s proposed law is passed, it would allow officials to crosscheck their criminal database with their gun registry, and they’d do it at least twice a year. Read more […]

A Totally Gay Election In Maryland

State Senator Richard Madaleno, a Democrat, is currently in his second term of representing Maryland’s 18th district. He’s also homosexual, which the progressive Marylanders, who have reached a level of human progression far beyond us right-wingers, just love. Madaleno is even “married” to another man with whom he has adopted two children to psychologically abuse, so he’s got full gay cred. But there’s trouble on the horizon, for Madaleno has a challenger for the Democratic primaries. Now, Read more […]

Beretta Expanding to Tennessee Due to Maryland’s Strict Anti-Gun Laws

In 1977-78, Beretta expanded to the US.  Today, Beretta USA is headquartered in Accokeek, Maryland where it employs around 300 people.  The company has recently spent over $1 million in its plant in Maryland and had plans for further expansion.  But those plans were put on hold last year when Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D) signed strict anti-gun bills into law. Maryland’s new laws bans all assault and assault-style weapons and magazines that contain more than 10 rounds and any new Read more […]

Maryland Legislature Pushes “Rain Tax”

Calvin Coolidge said: “Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.” Anyone who has a single, functioning brain cell knows that the government is knee-deep in the business of robbing us all blind. That’s a basic fact of life. But it never ceases to amaze me how the government is able to abscond with our money in more and more absurd ways. Personally, I used to think that Obamacare was the most idiotic means by which the government planned to snatch our cash, but a new Read more […]