Barack Obama Can’t Admit Christians Killed

Obama Issues Statement about Christians Killed by ISIS Without Using The Words “Christian,” or “Radical Islam” “They were killed simply because they were Christians.” – Pope Francis Several days ago, 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians were slaughtered on the beaches of the Mediterranean in Libya. Lying face down on the sand, they had their heads lifted up, and their necks dug into, and torn by the knives of their captors. The video released by ISIS then shows the waves spinning red with Read more […]

5 Men Facing Prosecution & Possible Death in Iran Over Conversion to Christianity

There are many forms of persecution: political, religious, social, economic–to name just a few. Persecution is the unnecessary squashing of an ant under the heel of a boot. Persecution takes flames to a forest; burning everything down, until only ashes remain. But the worst form of persecution–the one that holds a special place in hell–is religious persecution. The current master of religious persecution is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran. According to Fox News: “Five Iranian Christian Read more […]