Now Obama Wants to Regulate Ceiling Fans!

The Obama administration is trying to regulate our ceiling fans after attacking light bulbs and wood stoves, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn is pushing back. The Tennessee Republican has been pushing against Department of Energy regulations mandating energy efficiency requirements on ceiling fans and natural gas furnaces. Blackburn co-sponsored an amendment to defund the DOE’s ceiling fan energy efficiency regulations on ceiling fans passed by voice vote in the House last night. “Just like Read more […]

Government Waste Warning! New Report shows Obama Administration Gave BILLIONS to Foreign Green Energy Companies!

‘Cause we have so much extra money just lying about anyway? Right?   Which company has gotten the most subsidies from the U.S. government? Would you believe it’s a Spain-based green energy company? Iberdola has gotten $2.2 billion in subsidies to operate wind turbines across the U.S. — making it the largest recipient of federal corporate welfare, according to a report by the left-wing group Good Jobs First. The company got billions in subsidies from the Obama administration’s Read more […]