House Conservatives Lead Fight Against John Boehner

Last week conservative congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) undertook what may be the most important thing he’s ever done in Washington. Meadows is attempting to unseat John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker of the House. Boehner has presided over one of the most abusive (against conservatives) sessions of Republican leadership in Congress in recent history. The GOP owns strong majorities in both the Senate and the House, yet most of the legislation passing through both chambers seems more akin to Democrat Read more […]

Surprise! Government Bureaucrats Keep Blocking the FOIA Process

Members of a House oversight committee were outraged during a bizarre hearing Tuesday in which congressmen listened to journalists discuss how government agencies intentionally botched formal requests for information. The reporters told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform of numerous instances where agencies needlessly delayed, denied or redacted Freedom of Information Act requests. The FOIA guarantees the public access to all government documents, subject only to nine exemptions Read more […]

Bill to Ban Federal Employees from Watching Porn while Working Moves Forward

Really? Does this even need to be a thing? Seriously? A bill banning federal employees from consuming pornography while they are supposed to be working continues to move forward in Congress. But how sad of a commentary on our nation is it that we even need something like this to become a law? Most employers across the country would already consider this the kind of offense that gets an employee fired. Any employee wasting the time and money of an employer in such a disgusting fashion would be Read more […]

Congress’s Approval Rating Too High; $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill Passed

A 1,582-page bill was just passed in the House that will spend another $1.1 trillion on things and stuff from which no one will ever benefit. That’s a lot of pages for a busy member of Congress to read. How are they supposed to make time reading bills when they’re busy avoiding work?! Answer: they don’t make time for it. From CNSNews: On Capitol Hill on Thursday, asked [Earl] Blumenauer [Democrat of Oregon]: “The omnibus bill yesterday, it was 1,582 pages, did you have a chance Read more […]