Former Secretary of State Attempts to Defend Hillary Clinton – Buries Her Instead

Former Secretary State under Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, recently appeared as a guest on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the ever-growing scandal surrounding the Hillary Clinton campaign. Albright was obviously there to support Clinton and did her very best to dispel the criticism that has embroiled her campaign. When asked for her take on the entire email scandal hubbub, Albright hemmed and hawed in an effort to spin the scandal as entirely trumped up. “I think she has spoken to this Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Might be Making Jokes but the Scandal isn’t Going Away

It was a bad day at MSNBC for Hillary Clinton, and the fact that it was MSNBC calling her out probably means that she should be getting worried. However, if she is getting worried she isn’t showing it, yet. Fresh off of her recent comedy attempts, the media has pounced on her for making light of a very serious situation, and Mark Halperin thinks she better wake up because the email scandal isn’t going away any time soon. JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: Mark Halperin, what was the response at the fair Read more […]

More Obama Lies on Obamacare!

On Monday the Wall Street Journal broke the news that recently acquired emails proved that the Obama administration LIED when they said that Jonathan Gruber had not played a major role in the crafting of Obamacare. Upon hearing the news, Mark Halperin apologized to his Republican sources who told him at the time that the Obama team was lying about the depth of Gruber’s involvement… but Halperin chose to believe all the President’s men, instead of his sources.   “I owe my Republican Read more […]

Harry Reid Apologizes for Being a Racist

Harry Reid is eating crow… again. The senior Senator from the state of Nevada and the leader of House Democrats is once again embroiled in a racism scandal. He was recently speaking to the Las vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce in the hope that they would support Democrat candidates in the upcoming election. In an effort to ingratiate himself to the crowd he made a couple of racist jokes… because …? Here is your leader of the House Democrats in all his glory. “I don’t think Read more […]