Evolutionists Continue Their War on Science

Evolutionists have carefully manicured a grand pretense that most Americans rarely question: that the materialists in white lab coats are dedicated to neutrally observing the evidence and the facts without any ideological or religious prejudices to cloud their clear judgment. Ancillary to this pretense is the lie that Christian scientists, blinded by religious bias, cannot account for the facts and refuse to accept them. According to this grand lie, evolutionists are the true scientists, and creationists Read more […]

Scientist Finds Dino Soft Tissue Then Fired for Religious Views

The world of academia claims to be all about promoting intellectual curiosity, research, thinking outside the box and the freedom to question the norm. If you believe that you are na├»ve to say the least. When I attended Arizona State University back in the 1970s, I questioned many evolutionary teachings. I challenged professors to prove what they were saying was actual science and not their personal presuppositional views on the origins of life. More than one professor threatened me with an automatic Read more […]