UK Man Arrested For Joking About Nelson Mandela

Remember back when Margaret Thatcher died, and socialist Brits took to the streets to celebrate? They held up vile signs mocking and ridiculing her. “DingDongTheWickedWitchIsDead” was a Twitter group in her honor. No one in authority seemed to care. After all, these people had a right to their opinion, right? We wouldn’t want to stoop down to the level of “thought police,” would we? Not unless the person you joke about is Nelson Mandela. You make one wise crack about him, and there’ll Read more […]

Government To Buy Cars For The Poor!

“Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them. They then start to nationalize everything.” – Margaret Thatcher Obama is not the first Socialist, nor will he be the last. He is, however, the president who most embodies the ideals of Socialism. Just as Thatcher said, Socialism is essentially the redistribution of other peoples’ money. We all know that, yet it still continues to flourish as a hipster Read more […]

“He Must Be A Man Of Power”—Kohl Boasts Of Forcing Germans Into EU

Helmut Kohl was the Chancellor of West Germany and then a re-unified Germany from 1982 to 1999. He was an ardent promoter of the European Union. Back in 2002—the year the Deutschmark was replaced by the euro—Kohl granted an interview that was not published until recently. In that interview, Kohl made striking admissions about how the EU was started with Germany as a member state: “If a Chancellor is trying to push something through, he must be a man of power. And if he’s smart, he knows when Read more […]

Vile People Rejoice In Streets After Hearing of Margaret Thatcher’s Death

Iain Duncan Smith said this of Margaret Thatcher: “Watching her set out to change Britain for the better in 1979 made me believe there was, at last, real purpose and real leadership in politics once again. She bestrode the political world like a colossus.” Yesterday marked a monumental moment; a substantial loss in the world of politics. Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has passed away. In a world filled with vile, petty politicians, Thatcher proved that the gears of politics don’t always Read more […]