No Antarctica didn’t Reach Record High Temps – but the Media Lied and said it Did

The media’s infatuation with man made climate change really knows no bounds. More evidence of that became obvious when on Monday the folks who report the news went crazy reporting that Antarctica had just recorded its highest temperatures in recent history! Sadly… they were mistaken…    The media went wild Monday with reports that Antarctica hit its highest temperature on record, 63 .5 degrees Fahrenheit. But what the media hype glossed over one inconvenient truth: this temperature Read more […]

Weather Channel Founder Demolishes Global Warming on CNN!

John Coleman, respected scientist and founder of the Weather Channel, has been making the rounds in the media of late and boy has he been causing a stir. In his most recent media stop on CNN, he took the time to destroy the climate change narrative as a politically driven tool of the Democrat Party. After Reliable Sources  host Brian Stelter called him a “climate change denier,” Coleman had this to say – I resent you calling me a denier, that is a word meant to put me down. I’m a skeptic Read more […]