Lyndon Johnson Was Not A Civil Rights Champion; He Was A Racist

The common view—only common because of its proliferation by the leftist media, and Hollywood–is that Democrats are empathetic wonks. What I mean by that is they are portrayed as people whose hearts bleed when they see hardship, and all they want to do is help. They are seen as eggheads, whose intelligence, and practicality of policy lead them to be mocked. While Republicans are viewed as either bumbling morons, or racist, misogynistic, greedy menaces to society. This is only the case because–as Read more […]

74% of US Casualties of 12 Year Afghan War Occurred Since Obama Increased Troop Numbers

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, wasn’t he against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  I do recall seeing him on television during the campaign referring to them as Bush’s wars and he would end them.  Obama accused his opponent Sen. John McCain of being a hawk who wanted to escalate the wars while Obama claimed he wanted to end the wars and bring our servicemen/women home. He more or less kept his promise by pulling most of our troops out Read more […]