Uber Wins Big Against the City of New York

Uber and other ride-sharing platforms have been handed a major victory after Queens Supreme Court Justice Allan Weiss threw out a legal challenge to ride-sharing companies’ freedom to be hailed from apps. Four credit unions with significant financial interests in yellow cab medallions argued that app-based services such as Uber are more akin to street private-hire vehicles, that can only pick up pre-booked passengers, but the app enables them to act like a street hail service. However, Weiss Read more […]

Taxi Cabs vs Uber: How Too Much Government Regulation Kills Our Economy

“Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.” – Milton Friedman It’s not wholly the fault of Barack Obama that we, as a society, have advanced further into a socialist mindset, but the president has certainly done his part to make socialistic ideals more popular than they were prior to his election. He has done this very surreptitiously—well, if you’re a typical, uninformed American voter, that is. For those of us who take the time to understand the Read more […]

Virginia Chooses Freedom over Labor Unions

Virginia announced Wednesday that it would grant temporary operating authority to ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft, allowing them to operate legally in the commonwealth. In response to concerns about insurance coverage and passenger safety, Virginia sent cease-and-desist letters to Uber and Lyft on June 5, which both companies initially vowed to ignore. (RELATED: Uber, Lyft Defiant in Face of Los Angeles Ban) The cease-and-desist orders were withdrawn as part of an agreement that “will help Read more […]