Pro-Homosexual Log Cabin Republicans Disinvited from Conservative Summit

The Log Cabin Republicans agree with conservative principles on most every issue but one—homosexual marriage. It was this particular belief that got them disinvited from the Western Conservative Summit: The Western Conservative Summit, a gathering of some of the most influential newsmakers on the right, created a firestorm this week when it uninvited a gay GOP group to set up a table at the Denver event. . . . The summit is sponsored by Colorado Christian University in Lakewood and its think Read more […]

Same-Sex “Marriage”: Why The GOP Is Dead

Obviously, there is a push right now that is gaining ground to get the state to say that 1. There is such a thing as “same sex marriage,” and 2. It should be legal. It is pretty fascinating how anti-sodomy laws have been repealed because the government was supposed to “stay out of our bedrooms,” and yet now the government is being given the authority to re-define marriage and alter traditional child-rearing arrangements, child custody, inheritance, and everything else. The Republican Party Read more […]

Without True Conservatism, The Obama’s Of The World Will Prevail

Recently, Republican Party Chairman, Reince Priebus, announced plans to spend $10 million dollars reaching out to minority groups in a bid to attract a different group of American voters. The Republicans also plan to begin to embrace immigration reform and to soften the party’s stance on gay-marriage. A recent study commissioned by Republicans concluded that the party’s electoral success hinged on becoming more “inclusive and welcoming” of “non-traditional voters.” In other words, the Read more […]