Conservatives and Teachers Unions Unite!

Conservatives and Teachers Unions have finally found some common ground – the fight to minimize standardized tests. As our education system has grown more and more centralized over the years, the federal government has begun demanding our children take more and more tests. This has led to anxiety and frustration among students, parents and teachers and our entire nation is starting to tire of the fight. Now conservatives and teachers unions are teaming up to fight back against all of the testing Read more […]

Conservatives Say ‘Don’t Waste the Chance to Fix No Child Left Behind’

Conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, just released a policy paper imploring Republicans to use the opportunity they now have to fix No Child Left behind (NCLB).    The Republican Party has a golden opportunity to roll back federal overreach in education policy in 2015, and shouldn’t throw that chance away, argues the Heritage Foundation in a newly released policy brief. Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, who served as George H. W. Bush’s secretary of education, Read more […]