Obama using NSA and FBI to Spy on You

Senator Obama was once appalled at what he thought was the outrageous overreach of the Bush administration on the individual liberties of the American people. Today, as President, he has embraced those same policies as his own – and is using his power to spy on you. These policies may have a greater impact than you could have ever conceived. The government knows every single phone call you’ve made since 2006. Wait, there’s more. The government has access to all of your online activity too! Read more […]

Business Should Be Able to Hire and Fire Whomever They Want and for Whatever Reason They Want

Black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, male, female, it doesn’t matter; if a private business wants to discriminate against any one or combination of these types, who cares? Who cares? If a private-business owner doesn’t want to hire any female Christians, he should have the right to not hire them for that reason (and I say that as a Christian). If a private-business owner finds out an employee is a gay Atheist, he should have the right to fire him for that reason (assuming he doesn’t Read more […]