SWAT-ing Used by Liberals to Target Conservatives

What would you do if you suddenly realized that your house was surrounded by a heavily armed SWAT unit and they were calling for your surrender?  If you don’t think it could happen to you, then put yourself in the shoes of a 17 year old computer gaming teenager in Long Beach, New York.   He had his earphones on while playing the video game ‘Call of Duty.’  According to police, if you lose at the online game, your opponent uses your personal information, obtained during the game to make Read more […]

Liberals Unable to Name 1 Accomplishment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

Before the final votes were tallied in November 2012, Democrats started touting Hillary Clinton as the favorite for the 2016 nomination.  Most Democrats fail to realize her connection to Muslim terrorists or her failure and attempted cover up of the Benghazi disaster.  They don’t care that she defended her husband’s sexual permissiveness in the Oval Office or for how rudely she treats her military escorts and other staff. So what makes Hillary so popular as the Democratic frontrunner for Read more […]

The Robin Hood Statists are Coming for You

Statists with Socialist-leaning fiscal policies often get away with invoking the folk hero, Robin Hood. This illustrates a truth I find frustrating. That is, liberals have an uncanny ability to successfully redefine stuff, like words, history, and even popular fiction. I don’t mean that as a compliment, but it is true. I wish our team could do that, frankly. But we are not very good at it. Once they redefine things, it’s well-nigh impossible to put it all right again. If you control the Read more […]

What are the liberal solutions?

Everyday liberals take the time to participate on this site and leave comments critical of conservative principles and Republican’s frugal desires to reign in the national debt and entitlement spending. Plenty of blame is laid at the feet of former President Bush and now John Boehner’s Congress is being scapegoated for the gridlock in our government. Liberals are very generous with their disdain, but where are the left’s credible solutions? No one can doubt that out of control government Read more […]

We tolerated Liberals and now we have a Radical

Early voting will begin soon and the Obama/Biden campaign continues its assault on American race relations and our national culture. Specializing in “packaging black candidates for white voters” Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod is once again conning Americans to vote for the black guy by blaming white men. Our President’s campaign has chosen an incendiary and divisive political strategy designed to vilify criticism of our first Black President’s radical ideology and his Read more […]

The Liberal Jewish Vote Is Killing Israel

Jews who vote Democrat are aiding the ideological destruction of Israel and its greatest ally the United States of America. If American world prominence and Israeli sovereignty is to survive, American Jewish voters will have to vote Republican. Once again the Democratic Party has divorced Jewish supporters while welcoming its second wife and her name is Islam. Israel is now suffering as a result of the law of unintended consequences and the American Jewish vote is betraying their heritage. A Read more […]