Mitt Romney Mourns the Loss of Legacy Media and its Ability to Promote Compromise

Mitt Romney is upset that legacy media is losing its iron grip over popular opinion. Because he thinks independent media is polarizing politics and gridlocking Washington: “There was a time when we all got the news with the same facts, if you will,” he said. “We had three networks we watched for the evening news. Most of us got newspapers. Everybody in the middle class got a newspaper, so we got the same facts whether we agreed or not with them.” Now, according to Romney, people “get Read more […]

Rush Limbaugh Delivers “Atta-boy” to Seth MacFarlane

Never in three trillion years would I have predicted that Rush Limbaugh and Seth MacFarlane would ever be on the same page on anything. But apparently, they’re friends. Limbaugh has done some voice work for MacFarlane’s show Family Guy. And in the midst of professional connections, they became pals. According to Limbaugh: When [MacFarlane] did the Academy Awards this past year, he was getting all kinds of grief, and I sent him a couple of notes, a couple of “atta-boy” notes. He wrote right Read more […]

Flawed Study: Liberals Are More Open-Minded

Psychology website PsyPost reports on a new study published at the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin which attempts to determine where one’s political affiliation originates. Lead researcher Xiaowen Xu of the University of Toronto explains, “In the past, researchers have consistently shown that political liberalism is associated with higher Openness to Experience (characterized by preferences for creativity, curiosity, and new ideas), and political conservatism is associated with higher Read more […]

The Conservative Media Bias

Hooray! I have waited 24 years for the media to get along with a Democrat administration. It seems like election after election, the media fawn all over the Republican candidates, lobbing them softball questions, covering up for their misquotes and gaffes and endlessly fundraising for them. But finally a generous—and dare I say courageous—media outlet has actually partnered up with a Liberal Democrat administration! This is groundbreaking, indeed. According to National Review: “The White Read more […]