61% of Americans Think Obama is a Liar

Considering Obama’s war against our own military and his continual misleading of the American people, I believe that this title should be changed from Commander in Chief to Liar in Chief. This would be fully supported by a recent poll conducted by Fox News.  Their poll indicated that 61% of Americans believe that Obama lies on most important matters.  Of that 60%, 37% said Obama lies most of the time and 24% said they believe that he lies some of the time.  Fifteen percent said Obama never Read more […]

Harry Reid Denies Calling Americans “Liars;” Forgets He Was Caught On Video

“A lie has no leg, but a scandal has wings.” – Thomas Fuller What is a scandal? In terms of a dictionary definition, a scandal would be a sordid, illegal, or illicit event which rocks a person of power. Scandal takes a swing at the legs, breaking the knees of whomever it affects. Scandal and politics are inextricably linked, probably because power rarely fails to corrupt. What would you say if a Senator slandered millions of Americans? What if, after he was harshly rebuked by the opposition, Read more […]

Our President is a Sociopath

Senator Barack Obama said: “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I, therefore, intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt.” What decisive leadership Obama took back when he needed to look like he gave a crap about our country! What character Obama had in opposing a debt he had no intention of ever reducing once he ascended to god status! Read more […]

Obama’s Hypocritical Religious Freedom Proclamation

Wednesday was Religious Freedom Day in America.  Since religion in no longer important to our national leaders, I bet you weren’t even aware of the occasion, were you? Even though President Barack Obama took the spotlight on Wednesday by announcing his gun control agenda and signing 23 executive orders concerning gun control, he did manage to issue a statement for Religious Freedom Day.  However, when I read his statement, I wanted to shout LIAR in his face and accuse him of total hypocrisy.  Read more […]