Lifetime Ban on Gay Blood Donations to be Removed

The FDA is calling for the overturning of a ban on gay blood donations. If you ever were in a position where you needed a blood transfusion, would it okay with you if the blood came from a practicing homosexual? I think even a member of the far left in his most honest moment and time of need would balk at receiving such blood. Perhaps even a homosexual would as well. Even though there’s been a ban on homosexuals giving blood for over thirty years, the FDA is now calling for that ban to be Read more […]

San Fran Wants to Let Homosexuals Donate Blood

For the time being, federal regulations prohibit male homosexuals from donating blood because of their increased risk of HIV/AIDS infection. Now, San Francisco Supervisor Scott Weiner has introduced a resolution to change that: Weiner told KTVU in San Francisco that the city has to make a statement to the FDA that times and technology are changing. He charged, “It’s discriminatory, it has no basis in public health. All donated blood is heavily tested, and it’s depriving our country of a Read more […]