Boone County Police Officer “Executes His Duty” … and a Preschool Teacher

Tyler Brockman, a police officer from Boone County, Kentucky, shot and killed a 19-year-old preschool teacher, Samantha Ramsey, when she was trying to leave a field party. He jumped on her hood and shot her four times through the windshield, to protect himself and the people down the road—all of whom were on the road, by the way, being arrested by other police officers. A grand jury decided that no charges would be filed, since apparently the police officer was just protecting his own life and Read more […]

Dad Learns The Hard Way: Don’t Involve Police In Your Parenting

An Iowa dad is mourning the loss of his son who died while being pursued by police. James Comstock and his son Tyler had just had a fight over cigarettes. Tyler wanted his dad to purchase a pack for him, and James refused. Nineteen-year-old Tyler got angry and stormed out. He took his dad’s company truck. It was of course about more than just cigarettes. They had been having a lot of problems with their son, and this was just one more thing. The family indicated that Tyler was trying to turn Read more […]