‘I Stand Sunday’ Rally in Houston to Support Pastors Persecuted by Lesbian Mayor

Let me quickly summarize what has been taking place in Houston with their liberal Christian hating lesbian mayor, Annise Parker. Earlier this year, Parker, along with the help of a sexually confused councilman who thinks he’s a woman, forced through an ordinance that gave special privileged status to LGBT people. One of the provisions of that ordinance allows men who claim to be female or sexually confused to use the women’s bathroom, showers and locker rooms, even if they are still anatomically Read more […]

Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Backs Down On War Against Christian Pastors For Now

Earlier this week a number of our writers including myself wrote about Houston’s lesbian Mayor Annise Parker’s. Parker has been feverishly working to convert the entire city of Houston into a LGBT run city and seems ready to stop at nothing to achieve her goal. One of her proudest accomplishments occurred earlier this year when she gave special privileges to LGBT people by designating them as a protected class of people. The special designation now makes it legal for men to use women’s bathrooms, Read more […]

Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Moves to Control Pastors’ Sermons

When the people of Houston, Texas elected lesbian Annise Parker as mayor, I’m not sure they realized that they understood the ramifications of what they did. From the day she was sworn into office, Parker started working on her agenda to make all of Houston LGBT friendly. In addition to having a lesbian mayor, Houston also has a very confused person on their city council. Jenifer Rene Pool, who is really a man who thinks or wants to be a woman, holds a position at large seat on the Houston city Read more […]

Judge Stops Houston’s Lesbian Mayor From Providing Benefits To Same-Sex Partners

Nearly a month ago, I reported that Houston’s lesbian Mayor, Annise Parker, a Democrat of course, had defied Texas state law and declared that she was extending benefits to employees and their same-sex spouses that had been legally married in others states that allowed for same-sex marriages.  Like President Obama’s example of bypassing Congress and just making law himself, Parker made her edict without going to the city council first. Not only does the Texas State Constitution define marriage Read more […]

Lesbian Waitress Scamster Has History Of Faking Her Victimization

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the New Jersey lesbian waitress Dayna Morales who made national news when she claimed to have been stiffed out of a tip by a couple of “homophobic” customers who “did not agree with her lifestyle.” In the midst of what people thought was a hate-filled incident, Morales had received over $3,000 in donations from gullible people who felt her pain. The entire thing was a fabricated. The “homophobic” couple (who apparently did not vote for Christie, Read more […]

Lesbian Mayor Violates State Law Concerning Same-Sex Benefits

With President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s examples of blatant violation of federal and state laws with no consequences, other liberals are following suit.  The US Constitution, federal and state laws mean nothing to ether man.  Obama regularly assumes the role of Congress and declares laws to be not enforced and he changes the terms of existing laws without going through the legal channels through Congress.  Holder is just as bad by willfully refusing to enforce a number Read more […]

Media: Preying In Public School Should Be Legal

It isn’t taking long for various “slippery slope” arguments against the pro-homosexual public policy push. And the media is working as a full-time propaganda platform. An eighteen-year-old girl got into a sexual relationship with a minor teen “about three years younger.” No one at Raw Story could bother to nail down the facts, it seems. The story quotes from a website defending the accused statutory rapist, so I guess they are trying to minimize the age difference as much as possible. So Read more […]