Leftist “Art”: Vaginally Knit Scarves And Lynching Whites

The western world used to be a bastion of great art created by brilliant minds. The European people were unrivaled in sculpture, painting, and architecture, just as they were unrivaled in other aspects of culture. While Africans could only create homes out of mud and sticks, Michelangelo was painting heavenly ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, whose architecture also spawned from the mind of Europeans. The colleges in the Soviet Union used to ban elegant, realistic paintings and instead favored Read more […]

Tim Scott & The Liberal Hypocrisy Of Affirmative Action

As an ardent Right-wing political nut for some time now, I’ve observed hypocrisy on both sides of the political aisle. Even politicians and pundits on my own side have severely disappointed me on more than one occasion. However, the Democrats and Left-wing pundits truly take the cake, eat the cake, then blame Conservatives for their indigestion. The Left’s continued hypocrisy and ability to twist anything to slam Conservatives verges on the divine. Now they’re at it again. By now you’re probably Read more […]