Chicago Residents Sue Suburbs for Civil Rights Violations Because of Lax Gun Laws

Illinois only recently started allowing concealed carry, but they still have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, particularly in Chicago. Gun control proponents there actually blame surrounding cities and states for the violence that is prevalent in Chicago. They say that the real problem is that other states have gun laws that are too lax, and that criminals will bring legally-bought weapons in to Chicago (illegally) from other states. If only the entire country had stringent gun laws; Read more […]

Mom Sued Gun Shop for $6 Million After Fatal Gun Accident, Wins

A Fulton County, Georgia mom sued the owner of the shop where she purchased her gun 14 years ago, following an incident at home where her 14-year-old son was accidentally shot and killed. She sued for $6 million and won. Breitbart reported: A Fulton County, Georgia, jury has awarded $6 million to a mother whose 14-year-old son was accidentally shot and killed when the boy’s sister dropped a pistol on the dining room table.  The pistol belonged to the mother, Linda Bullard, who had purchased Read more […]

Soldier Forcibly Retired for Being Conservative Christian Files Lawsuit

Last year I shared with you the story of how an Army Master Sergeant was disciplined for celebrating his promotion by serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches and celebrating the defense of Marriage Act. He received a formal reprimand in his file and then on his next annual review was told he was a mediocre soldier. Meet Master Sergeant Nathan Sommers, who was a decorated soloist with the US Army Band Chorus for 25 years. He sang a solo at the funeral of former First Lady Betty Ford. The US Army Band Read more […]

House Speaker Boehner Dumber Than I Ever Realized

I’ve never been a fan of Speaker of the House John Boehner. In the past five and half years, the only thing he has consistently done is compromised and given in to Barack Obama’s demands. He has repeatedly let down many House Republicans who have tried to do what their constituents have demanded they do. Instead of being the leader he’s supposed to be and stand up to Obama, Boehner continues to grovel at the feet of most corrupt leader our nation has ever had. This week, the House voted Read more […]

IRS Targeting Occurred Back in 2009

According to the general consensus, the IRS targeting of conservative groups began on March 1, 2010 when a manager in the Cincinnati office instructed employees to watch for 501(c)3 non-profit applications that had the words Tea Party, Patriots and 9/12. However, a lawsuit filed against the IRS indicates that IRS targeting was taking place in 2009, but the media is not reporting any of it. Have you ever heard of a mission group called Z Street? Very few of us have heard of them. They are a Read more […]

VA Police Stomp on Military Vet’s Head and Neck, Causing Stroke and Death

The family of the 65-year-old military vet is now suing for wrongful death, among a litany of other abuses perpetrated by the Veterans Affairs Police in May of 2011. According to Courthouse News Service, military veteran Jonathan Montano had had a shunt put in his arm and had waited for dialysis at his local VA facility in California for four hours. The man was tired of waiting, so he told the nursing staff that he wanted to leave and go to another VA facility where he could get dialysis. He told Read more […]

Christian Athletes Win Rights at School after Lawsuit Filed

Why does it take a lawsuit to get schools to uphold the constitutional rights of Christians? Time and time again, uninformed public school officials trample over the rights of Christian students and teachers, fearing that they might get sued by liberal atheists. Their fear drives them to over react to the extreme that it forces Christians to file the lawsuits to regain the rights that were stripped from them. Just off hand, there’s the case of students reading their Bibles during personal Read more […]

Humanist Inmate Suing for Right to Worship No One

This week the American Humanist Association filed a law suit on behalf of a prisoner against the Federal Bureau of Prisons claiming that there is unequal treatment of atheist and humanist prisoners. The prisoner, Jason Holden is a member of the American Humanist Association and Humanist Community of Silicon Valley in Palo Alto.  He is currently serving his sentence at the Federal Correction Institution in Sheridan, Oregon. In his lawsuit, he said that prison officials refused to give Holden permission Read more […]

Man Spent Christmas Day in Jail for Carrying a Handgun on His Hip

A person can legally open carry without any kind of permit in the state of Michigan. But if someone wants to carry concealed, he needs a permit. I frankly don’t understand these laws or why any kind of government permit needs to be issued in the first place whether you want to wear a handgun hidden inside your pants or carry it out in the open on your hip. This particular case highlights how stupid these laws are. There was a guy in Michigan who was walking around at night, and he was open-carrying Read more […]

My Ancestors Were Slaves, So Give Me Money

“Stupidity has a knack of getting its way.” – Albert Camus It’s sometimes difficult to evaluate the validity of an argument. Once someone has laid out a argument to be analyzed, there are so many possible angles that it can become very difficult to come to a concrete conclusion as to its value. Recently, it has been talked about in the news that the Caribbean wants several European nations to pay reparations. These reparations would provide financial support to the country to offset the damage done Read more […]

ACLU Says Ok for Teachers to Harass Christian Students but Not Buddhists

For the past several decades, public school teachers have been harassing Christian students for their faith and getting away with it.  Countless Christian students have been humiliated in front of their classmates when teachers mock them for believing in the Bible and what it says about the creation of the world and for its teachings on homosexuality.  I personally know of people who were called idiots, stupid, ignorant and worse for believing in the Bible.  I also know of science teachers that Read more […]

Mother Presses Sexual Assault Charges Against TSA Agent

There’s no doubt about it. What the TSA do in airports to passengers is nothing less than what would ordinarily be considered sexual assault or molestation if it were done by non-government citizens. But they’ve been given license by the government to do those things for “safety.” Remember 9/11, they might tell us. As if they’re going to stop some genius terrorist mastermind by groping and humiliating grandmas and wounded vets. Makes perfect sense. Whether deliberate or not, these practices Read more […]