MSNBC Hits Obama for Going Back “1000 Years” for Islam Comparison

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell was not impressed by President Obama’s National Prayer Day speech. In the speech he reminded Christians that the Crusades were pretty violent too (like modern Islamic extremism), and so Christians shouldn’t indict Islam because of Islamic terrorism. He also made it sound as if he (Obama) knew better what “real” Islam is and that these modern violent extremists weren’t practicing “real” Islam. O’Donnell pounced to show Obama a few reasons what he was saying was so wrong…     What Read more […]

Obama Finally Invites Al Sharpton to White House to Discuss His Taxes

Wow, I was wondering when President Obama was finally going to call Reverend Al in to talk about his taxes after all Sharpton owes somewhere between $2.5 and $3.7 million in unpaid taxes. Not to mention the unpaid payroll tax bill of $880,000 his National Action Network owes the U.S. Government. Oh….. The meeting wasn’t about Al’s taxes, it was about our taxes. Dang! Hmmm…..So much for the one percent paying their fair share. It seems that the Obama administration is once again building Read more […]

Lawrence O’Donnell’s Selective Mockery

I have very little respect for any of the pundits on MSNBC–well, no, scratch that. I have zero respect for any of the pundits on MSNBC. But I will concede admiration for one of them, and that is Lawrence O’Donnell. Admiration, that is, for his openness about his beliefs. To wit, O’Donnell said the following on November 5, 2010: “I am not a progressive. I am not a liberal who is so afraid of the word that I had to change my name to progressive. Liberals amuse me. I am a socialist.” Most Read more […]

72% of Small Business Owners Pick Romney–How Will You Vote?

This is it, folks. Today is Election Day, 2012. It seems like it’s been said about every election, but this is truly the most important presidential election in our lifetimes. This election will decide if we regain our standing as the world economic superpower, or we continue to fall down the rabbit hole to wonderland (also known as Greece). This election is not only about independents, but base voters as well. This election is about the middle class and the wealthy, big business and small business, Read more […]