What the CIA Torture Report Means for Law Enforcement

New documents exposing CIA “torture” tactics have been interpreted very differently by different people depending on their political agenda. But one thing is for sure: the CIA agents responsible for the most abhorrent of the alleged actions, whether they constitute criminal activity or not, were not being very well-supervised or held accountable. CIA director John Brennan admitted as much: “Over the years, internal agency reviews, including numerous investigations by our Office of the Inspector Read more […]

Chicago Teachers Union Busing Union Members to Ferguson for Protest

Have I ever said I hate unions? Rhetorically asked because the answer is I’ve said it many times and this is just one of many examples of why! Blacks are still up in arms over the shooting death of a black criminal by a white police officer. They don’t care that the large youth had just held up a convenience store. They don’t care that evidence shows that he viciously attacked the police officer leaving the officer with a complete blowout fracture of his eye socket. They don’t care that Read more […]

Why Are Law Enforcement Officers Taught Shoot to Kill and Not to Wound?

On Saturday, I posted an article – Cleveland Man Shoots Another Burglar – in which I made the comment that law enforcement officers are taught shoot to kill, not to wound.  I gave the reason for that training as wounded people can still shoot back.  An email was forwarded to me from someone who read the article and agreed with the training but not with the reason I gave for it.  Here is his response and my response to him will follow: “I am a Texas DPS Certified Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor Read more […]

Cops: Above the Law!

It doesn’t take long to locate a story on the internet about some cop abusing his authority and power on a defenseless civilian. Just go here to get started. We’ve run articles recently about cops tasering elderly or disabled people, using excessive force, arresting people for no apparent reason other than “suspicious activity” or some other made up charge. As we read about these incidents, which are happening more and more, we want to know that by the end of the story, the cop ends up in Read more […]