Movie “After Tiller” Paints Late-Term Abortionists as Heroes

“Where’s the compromise between life and death – and why work to reduce the number of them occurring if there’s nothing wrong with them?” – Rush Limbaugh The moral posturing on the left regarding abortion has always been sickening, but there are times when their behavior crosses a line. A trailer has come out online for the PBS movie After Tiller, a documentary about the murder of late-term abortion doctor, George Tiller. The trailer plays out like a sermon on the evils of the pro-life movement. Read more […]

Bro-Choice “Men”: Abortions Mean More Casual Sex

Bro-Choice advocates. They’re “men” who support abortion. (Clever.) And their reasons for supporting abortion? Well, once you cut through all the fake-sounding rubbish about caring about women’s rights, bro-choice frat boys just want to keep having casual and consequenceless sex with women whom they will treat as little more than disposable sex objects for transitory gratification. I was surprised to see a rather candid admission of this in a recent “Bro-Choice” article in the Burnt Read more […]