Teacher Placed in “Teacher Jail” Because his Students’ Science Projects “Resembled Guns”

In other words, the objects were tubular, like guns. Anything that’s remotely close to being cylindrical are banned in schools because of their strong resemblance to firearms. Like pencils and fingers. And Pop Tarts. Steve Watson with Infowars reported: The LA Times reports that Greg Schiller was sentenced to “teacher jail” (with pay) in February from the Grand Arts High School for “supervising the building, research and development of imitation weapons,” according to administrators. As Read more […]

L.A. Teachers Have To Wear “Pro-Gay” Badges

Tolerance isn’t good enough for liberals anymore. Maybe it never was. If all you are is tolerant towards those whose lifestyles you find repulsive, that’s the same as being an outspoken bigot. In order for the liberals to be satisfied, you have to openly accept everyone else’s behavior that you may find objectionable. You have to, quite literally, wear it on your sleeve that you are one of their “allies.” This is what a Los Angeles school district is telling their teachers to do. Read more […]