Dear Whoopi, the Quran Justifies Violence, the Bible Does Not

As a culture, we often misunderstand the difference between doing something “in the name of,” and doing something “at the direction of.” Modern America despises Christianity. Considering that, it’s no surprise that anytime an atrocity is committed by a Muslim, or anyone who’s not a Christian, the left scrambles to find a Christian analog. It’s pathological. The place from which this need comes is unambiguous. The left needs to keep Christianity on the same level as the more destructive radical Read more […]

Reverend Tries To Compare Radical Islam to Christianity

Radical Islam is far more pervasive in Islam than defenders want to admit. “The truth is that ISIS is to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity. It is long past time for those Christians so busy beating up Muslims with their Bibles to go re-read the part where Jesus called us to love – not to demonize – our neighbors.” – Reverend Susan Russell I’ve been writing a lot recently about the politically correct blindness that has consumed our culture regarding the pervasiveness of radical Islam. More, Read more […]