Another Knockout Attack? Man Punches 80-Year-Old Woman to the Ground

The attacker happened to be a black 35-year-old, but I don’t know what race the victim was. I don’t think it necessarily matters. The point is that for no apparent reason, this man pushed this older woman and then punched her in her back, knocking her to the ground. Then he just walked off. The attack happened at a South Carolina Food Lion. Surveillance cameras captured his face, and grocery store employees recognized him as Curtis Styles, a man who lives near the store. Police went to Read more […]

Pregnant Woman Attacked “Knockout Game” Cited

Liberals keep trying to pretend like the ‘knockout game” is something that racist conservatives have dreamed up in an effort to slander inner city communities. Sadly, there continues to be fresh evidence that the “game” is real, and that it is happening with terrifying frequency. The most recent attack happened in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The victim was 34 year-old Jannatul Ferdous who happens to also be 6 months pregnant. You can see the unprovoked and Read more […]

Pregnant Woman Latest Knockout Game Victim

Right now, the Ferguson riots are national news, and there has been no shortage of commentators offering their solutions and opinions about the underlying problems that led to the chaos there. Is it a racial problem, or is it an issue having to do with the militarization of police? I’d say both play a part. The militarization of police has led to an “us vs. them” mentality between civilians and police. The police often act as if we’re the bad guys, and they have to arm themselves and carry Read more […]

Another Victim Beaten in Knockout Attack

In most of these attacks, a group of black teens descend on an unsuspecting white person and sucker punch him. Usually others are on camera duty to record the event, after which they post it on the internet for all to see. I guess if they know they’ll get away with it, they might as well tell the world what they did. It’s not like anyone is going to do anything about it. My Fox Philly reported on a recent incident, which took place in an Upper Darby, Pennsylvania trolley stop: A man sitting Read more […]

Hate Crime? Black Teen Attacks 10-Year-Old “Cracker”

For most of these types of cases, where a black person attacks a non-black person and even uses some racial slurs amid the attack, they’re generally ignored. If a white person does the same thing to a black person, it’s immediately called a hate crime, and the attacker is thrown in jail on federal hate crime charges. I’m surprised that in this particular case, local officials are investigating it as a hate crime, because the 13-year-old black girl who attacked the 10-year-old white girl Read more […]

Man Gets Beaten in Knockout Attack; Police Charge Suspects with “Attempted Robbery”

I don’t understand their aversion to acknowledging the existence of these knockout attacks. Are they afraid that if they acknowledge them, people will call them racists? Is that what this is all about? The news report didn’t even bother mentioning the race of these three attackers, which pretty much guarantees that they were of a particular race. If there had been white teenagers involved, the news media would have at least made note of that. NBC New York reported: A Manhattan man was beaten Read more […]

Another White Guy’s Face Gets Broken by Black “Knockout” Attacker

I think we’ll be seeing these more and more in the coming years. They call it a game, but as this victim’s father said, it’s not a game at all. People actually get really hurt. People have died from these attacks. It’s not funny. Well, to the victims anyway. I’m sure to the attackers, it’s hilarious. And it gives them something to do while they’re doing nothing. And it’s even funnier when they get it on video so that all their friends can laugh with them as some defenseless old Read more […]

Man In Hospital Plays Knockout On His Own Nurse

From New York’s CBS affiliate: Investigators were trying to determine Sunday why a hospital patient in Brooklyn allegedly turned on his nurse and beat her until she was unconscious. The nurse who was beaten by this savage is 70 years old and is undergoing emergency surgery. She’s in critical condition because the patient she was taking care of couldn’t keep his fists from swinging. What’s the name of this hospital patient? The nurse was removing Kwincii Jones’ catheter at Brookdale University Read more […]

Playing Self-Knockout: The Idiocy Of This Generation

Among other names, it’s referred to as pass-out, the choking game, and the fainting game, but the most apt name for it, in my mind, would be the moron game. It’s usually played by older kids, but as dreadfully fast as this generation is growing up, even elementary-school kids have begun getting in on it. It isn’t so much a game as it is a way to get a small buzz and have a laugh. There are different ways to do it, but the most common is to squat down low on the ground while breathing in Read more […]

Police: Knockout Suspect Guilty of “Harassment,” not Assault

The media didn’t dare acknowledge the existence of the knockout game, a game where some bored teen decides to knock out a complete stranger by sneaking up on him and punching him in the face. Usually, the attackers are black, and the victims are white. That’s why the media didn’t want to bring up the game. They wouldn’t want their viewers to get the wrong idea. They only recently acknowledged its existence when some white kid played the game with an older black man. Then, the media took Read more […]

70-Year-Old Grandfather Attacked In A Drive-By Knockout

A 70-year-old man, James Gorman, was pushing his wheelchair-bound wife across the street in their neighborhood, their granddaughter sitting in the wife’s lap, when a car stopped to avoid hitting them. Two 20-year-olds then emerged from the car and beat the grandfather. Can you guess who those two 20-year-olds were? That’s right, he was beaten by two blonde-haired, blue-eyed, female Dutch immigrants. What? Not what you expected? Why didn’t you expect that? Was there some other type of person Read more […]

Conservatives Too Politically Correct To Address Black Violence

Every conservative news agency (which is to say Fox News and a handful of mainstream conservative websites) is just as guilty of censoring the truth as liberal sources are. When Bill O’Reilly, for instance, introduced a story on November 8 about flash mobs in Chicago, he said, “In Chicago there are flash mobs of young people breaking into stores.” Except the security footage was more honest than that. Yes, it showed packs of young people walking into stores and then grabbing whole racks of Read more […]