Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana!

Is marijuana legalization a train that won’t be stopped? It’s starting to seem like it.  The push to legalize has been growing stronger and spreading further across the nation than seemed possible just a few short years ago. Even in states that would be considered “conservative” culturally polls show marijuana legalization becoming a more popular issue for proponents. And now, a bipartisan group of Senators just introduced a bill that would legalize medical marijuana at the federal level.    Republican Read more […]

The Five Biggest Education Issues of 2015

Education always has a front seat to American electoral politics. In fact, only the economy has consistently rated higher over the years as a big concern of the American people. Likely, the focus on education comes from being such a personal concern – as many voting age Americans have children whose education they are worried about. However, just because Americans are worried… doesn’t mean things are getting better. Case in point – the Common Core. Well, the folks over at the Daily Caller have Read more […]