NY Principal Continues Attack on Patriotism

Greta Hawkins is the principal of New York City’s PS 90 school. Although Hawkins says she is not anti-patriotic, her actions as principal say otherwise. In 2012, the kindergartners at her school were going to sing God Bless America at their graduation ceremony at the end of the year. When Hawkins found out, she forbade the kids from signing the patriotic song. The reason she gave the teachers is that it might offend other cultures. The Coney Island school has a number of students from other Read more […]

Who Is To Blame For 5-Year-Olds Having Sex In Kindergarten?

What’s worse than a teacher who doesn’t monitor her kindergarten class? AIDS. What’s worse than a teacher who doesn’t monitor her kindergarten class, aside from AIDS? People who defend that teacher. A kindergarten teacher at a New Jersey government school has been suspended (with pay, of course) after reporting to the principal of the school that she found two of her students “having sex” in the bathroom. The bathroom was in the classroom, as is typical for classrooms for younger students, Read more […]

Chicago Schools Plan Kindergarten Sex Education

Ellen Degeneres said: “I just feel like every kid is growing up too fast and they’re seeing too much. Everything is about sex…they have to have some innocence; there’s just no innocence left.” I am of the belief that it is ultimately up to parents to decide how their children grow up. It is not up to schools, governments, bureaucracies, or outsiders of any kind to influence the rate at which a child understands certain parts of life. I think the government already takes enough from us as Read more […]