Ferguson vs Abortion: Outrage over Killing a Criminal but No Outrage over Killing Innocent Babies

Ferguson, Missouri residents are still protesting and looting over the shooting death of criminal Michael Brown. They are outraged that a white police officer shot and killed Brown who was unarmed. It doesn’t matter to them that Brown was a very big 18 year old young man who was resisting arrest and scuffling with the officer. It doesn’t matter to them that Brown had just robbed a convenience store and was seen on video being physical with the store clerk. Brown was not innocent when he was Read more […]

Armed Brother Protects Siblings from Home Invaders by Killing 1 & Wounding 1

Once again I am thrilled to report that having a gun in the house saved four children from armed intruders. Located in California’s Central Valley is the small community of Orosi. Named for the golden poppies that blanketed the area in the 1880s, Orosi has a population of around 9,000 today. It’s not a prosperous community with an average household income of only $30,400 compared to the national average of $51,000. Around 25% of the families live under the poverty level. Early Tuesday morning, Read more […]

Obama’s Chicago – Blacks Killing Blacks

In 2008, Barack Obama promised blacks that he would make life better for them if he was elected. He promised to create more jobs for blacks, especially black teens and help them in other ways to lower the crime rates and give them more opportunities to improve their lives. The way Obama shows favoritism to his friends and financial supporters along with Hispanics, you would expect him to have worked extra hard to do something to help Chicago, his political hometown. With Chicago’s mayor being Read more […]

Texas Teen Gets 10 Years Probation For Killing 4 People While Driving Drunk

Drunk driving or driving under the influence is something that I have no tolerance for and believe the punishments need to be much stiffer for those convicted of it.  My three best friends growing up were killed by a drunk driver.  JJ, Mike and Roger were only 18 and 19 years old at the time a rich doctor was speeding drunk on a city street, ran a red light and hit them broadside.  JJ was pronounced dead at the scene.  Mike died several hours later and Roger died two days later. The doctor Read more […]