Liberals Mock Romney With Black Grandchild

“Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture, that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person.” – Marc Lamont Hill Take a moment to imagine a scenario in which a Liberal was mocked for having a black grandchild. Imagine that a picture surfaced in which Al Gore was holding a black kid on his knee. This kid, as it turns out, is his adopted grandson. Then imagine commentators on Fox News laughing about it, and making the above comment. It would never happen. And if Read more […]

Why Are We Outraged At Melissa Harris-Perry?

I don’t exactly want to defend who I’m about to defend—it may even cause me indigestion later on—but people are being ridiculous in attacking her and I want to call out ridiculousness whether its from the left or the right. I dislike MSNBC’s Melissa “All Your Children Belong to Me” Harris-Perry just as much as the next rightist, but my fellow travelers are getting their phony-outrage panties in a bunch again over something Harris-Perry said. Or rather, over something Harris-Perry didn’t Read more […]